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Walnut Shell Filters

A filter is only as good as you can clean it.

That  is particularly true for a walnut shell filter. Walnut shell filters are frequently installed for the removal of oil and suspended solids from produced water, refinery effluent and  waste / re-circulation streams found at other industrial  applications.

An optimum media cleaning system guarantees  effective removal of the contaminants collected in the filter media and consequently, consistent high flow rates. Particularly with oil field produced water applications, where solids and heavy oil may clump together, forming so called mud balls, effective bed clean up is essential to prevent this phenomenon.

Effective cleaning will prevent channeling. Channeling is causing raw unfiltered water to pass the filter bed, contaminating the filtered water stream.

And a partly blinded bed will increase the flow in the surrounding area causing excessive high flow rates, reduced dirt holding capacity, shorter cycle lengths and increased turbidity.

The internally installed scrubber system will  effectively remove the contaminants from the walnut shell filter media with a minimum of degradation or media loss. Raw water is used for effective removal of the suspended solids and hydrocarbons.


During filtration, raw water does enter at the top of the filter and is evenly distributed over the entire media bed by means of an inlet distribution system. This header system doubles as a separator header during the backwash cycle. In general, a filter cycle is interrupted for a back wash cleaning step after 24 hours.

In order to fluidize the filter media during backwash, the direction of flow is reversed,  and raw water is fed to the filter via the outlet  header system. For removal of the contaminants, the media circulates via the internally installed media scrubber where high shear effectively separates the oil and solids from the filter media.

A separate centrifugal pump is installed to efficiently power the media scrubber. All the filter media makes multiple passes through the scrubber. Simultaneously the contaminants are removed from the filter via the separator header. A complete backwash cycle takes less than 20 minutes.













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